Dec 29

STAB! 058 – Dottie Makes Her Own Whiz

Hey, there he is! Hey welcome back, we knew you wouldn’t bee too long before comin’ back fa’ more! We got just what ya want, pipin’ hot, ready to serve and made wit love! You put that wallet away, you’s family an’ family don’t pay!

Pull up a seat and let host John Ross and servers Ben Feldman, David Lew and Jesse Jones ladle up a runny dollop of talk about the moving assembly line, Bette Midler, Our Lady of the Angels, the invention of BINGO, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Amy Fisher, three different FAQs, nine haiku about Ice T & Coco’s baby, tourism guides to fictional cities “B-52s-atopia”, “Mansplain-avania” & “Breastfeed-adelphia”, and erotic poems about rhetoric, gambling addictions and misspelled words.

You need a box? You done wit that? You wanna take that home? You need a box. Lemme get you a box. It’s gonna be just as good fa breakfast tamarra! I threw in some napkins, come back soon, Dottie’ll have somethin’ special for ya, you just wait ‘n see!

STAB! 058 – Dottie Makes Her Own Whiz

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