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Aug 20

STAB! 137 – We Can Watch R Rated Movies Now

We’ve grown today. We’ve seen something that’s going to stick with us. That’s going to change us. Something that just ice cream isn’t big enough for. Boobies and swearing are what this life event demands. Being our guardian into the theater of life that IS STAB!, host John Morris Ross IV welcomes guests Alfonso Portela, …

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Oct 24

STAB! 093 – Best of “Reorganization” Volume 1

Did you know that sometimes words aren’t just words but are other words hidden inside of that word? Those tricky bastard words are “acronyms”. Well we at STAB! don’t let those deceitful words just have their way with their made up nonsense. We reorganize them suckas! Word hater John Ross guides this Best of “Reorganization” …

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Mar 23

STAB! 020 – Sharing

Hey, look over there! No, STAB! isn’t trying to trick you! Look over there! Quick! It’s not going to be there forever! Seriously, look! Oh, well, there it goes. STAB! hopes you’re happy now; you missed it. Don’t say STAB! didn’t try. You just didn’t trust us, which STAB! thinks speaks more to your problems …

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Jan 20

STAB! 009 – Lady Ladies are the best ladies

Hey Bitch! Get off your “hi horse” (sorry, I just saw a horse)…as I was saying, get off your lover and put your earbuds in the side parts of your head. Do it now! STAB! will wait…Get ready for your minds to be blown as STAB! includes two ladies at once. And they have names …

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