Feb 19

STAB! 015 – Best of STAB! Volume 2 – I Like It Two Fold

Didn’t hear all of your favorites in the first part of the Best-Of-Stravaganza?! Well shit man, maybe it’s in this one then. In THIS one, Joe-Joe Louis, Jaclyn Weiand and Jesse Jones tell John Ross all about North Korean children, Walmart sadness, a $130,000 poem, windshield poetry, drive through self pleasure, Mad Maximizing your vehicle, all sorts of books, lawless footwear, uncomfortably authentic racism, forgotten theme parks, a Super Mario Brothers walk through, Walmart some more, Mrs. Butterworth and therapeutic exercises. Now could you at least pretend to be happy long enough for your grandma to take your picture by the tree! Don’t be a dick, this is probably her last Christmas! Dick.

STAB! 015 - Best of STAB! Volume 2 - I Like It Two Fold

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