Mar 31

STAB! 021 – Misogytastic

Toss back a hand full of mommy’s little helpers and fill that wine glass to the tippy top, ‘cause STAB!’s got some stories to tell. Keith Lowell Jensen, Jon Gomora, Johnny Taylor, Jesse Jones discuss the first Mardi Gras, Emperor Theodosius II, Polar Bear Day, the hard of hearing, Chelsea Clinton, the 19th Amendment, Liz Taylor, Catholic Church abuse scandals, Dakota Fanning’s miscastings, continuation school, delightful hairiness, anti-Semite pegging, baby raging, feminist pop & locking, forgotten Big Brother poetry, Leonard Nimoy’s Heart’s top Google searches, and the dating profiles of Poop, The American Flag, The Del Taco Menu & Road Rage.

STAB! 021 - Misogytastic

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