Aug 25

STAB! 040 – The Saga of the River People

In this very special episode of STAB!, special host John Ross welcomes special guests Edgar Granados, Nick Brunner and Jesse Jones to talk about such special subjects as Edgar’s Princess Irene and Ronald Reagan Air Traffic Controllers jokes, the end of Army flogging, Australian Cricketier Harry Trot, hurdler Lolo Jones, William Wallace, Mel Gibson, three different WKRPs, everything you’ve ever wanted to know about river people, Planned Parenthood fetus Google searches, middle school cafeteria vape lounges, Amish fishnet stockings, selling potato peelers during the potato famine, and synopsisies for fictional movies: The Bartender Pompadour Pact, Anyone But Mommy, and El Diablo Tiene Palo Polla. If you would like to hear more STAB! like this, please think about pledging your ears to this and other STAB! outlets. Now, let’s get back to “The Saga of the River People” on this, your STAB! station.

STAB! 040 - The Saga of the River People

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