Oct 19

STAB! 047 – Shoulder Shaft

In this, STAB!’s first trip to Lost Weekend Video in San Francisco California, John Ross welcomed SF locals Kaseem Bentley, Aviva Siegel and Sacramento hanger on Jesse Jones to discuss such topics as Gloc-9, Boston Shoe Unions, Croatian Necktie Day, Indian Murderer: Veerappan, America’s possessioning of Alaska and Puerto Rico, Chuck Berry, the top 15 Google searches of “titties”, a trio of different SFPDs, invitations to the cities of Tech-bro-ivania, White-Guiltington & The Republic of Chia, and touching vows to secondhand smoke, CNN and a big brother. Thank you San Francisco for having us and check back in for episode 48 to hear the other half of this first jaunt to the Bay.

STAB! 047 - Shoulder Shaft

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