Nov 09

STAB! 050 – Hip, Confident, Unafraid of Disease

In this devil may care episode number 50 of the STAB! program, John Ross welcomes Alfonso Portela, Jaclyn Weiand, Tyler Kinney and Jesse Jones for discussions of Apple Day in the UK, the Aberfan Disaster, Aroldis Chapman, John Paul Getty III, Dizzy Gillespie– not Louis Armstrong, the denouncement of lynching, National Nurse’s Day in Thailand, Vivian Pickles, the Islands of 11,000 Virgins, 20 Breakfast Cereal Mascot Google searches, a quartet of H2SO4s, tourism guides for the cities of Mom-a-topia, Shut-the-fuck-upolis, The Isles of Soft Rock & Splitsville, and descriptions of made up movies: Gnat Fancy, Cherry Pi, The Suspended Suspense of Spencer the Spinster and Don’t Die on Me!

STAB! 050 - Hip, Confident, Unafraid of Disease

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