Jan 28

STAB! 063 – Flurb

Hey, you want an episode of STAB!? A new episode I mean? How about a flurb? Have a new episode of STAB! and a flurb, because why wouldn’t you? You wouldn’t.

STAB! host John Ross talks to STAB! guests Bill Wallis, Mark Burg and Jesse Jones about things involving Johnny Moss, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Don McLean’s American Pie, British Death Penalty abolition, CBS’s One Day at a Time, Moratoriums on Chimpanzee studies, the top fifteen Google Searches from a classist Santa Claus, a trio of trios of haiku about a Rajon Rondo homosexual slur, instructional poems about, how to fuck shit up, how to get away with murder, & improperly responding to servers, and sales pitches for a skinny jean outlet in Mississippi, the idea of a space program to Mozambique, Africa, & selling iPads during the medieval period.

So I’ll put you down for a flurb, one flurb each. And a t-shirt with a whale on it. One flurb, one t-shirt and another flurb. Sounds good.

STAB! 063 - Flurb

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