Feb 01

STAB! 064 – Now I Have The Power

You’ll show ‘em, you’ll show ‘em all. Who’s laughing now? You are. They don’t know why, but you do, and that’s all that matters. Your power is in their hands. Savor that feeling.

John Ross hosts this powerful episode of STAB! with guests Aviva Siegel, Tyler Kinney and Jesse Jones talking about things like the Space Shuttle Program, Copenhagen’s decapitated Little Mermaid statue, Marilyn Manson, Columbine, the discovery of X-Rays, National Bird Day, Ford’s 1914 wage hike, three sets of five Google searches from their New Year’s Resolutions, three different takes on BAE, invitations to such shitty businesses as, selling dead dogs to children, a Mexican restaurant for Republicans, & a trophy store in a town of losers, and angry poems about stem cell research, Pinterest, & Jelly Beans.

No matter how cool they think they are, you’ll know the real score. And that score is you: 1, them: a lot. But that one is all that really counts. That one is a big one.

STAB! 064 - Now I Have The Power

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