Feb 15

STAB! 067 – Pocket Hocks

You never know when you’ll need ‘em, so why not always have ‘em is what we say? It’s better to have a pocket full of ham hocks and not need them, than to need a pocket full of ham hocks and not have them. So have ‘em.

In this pocket crammed full of STAB! John Ross hosts the hock out of Jaclyn Weiand, Stephen Furey and Jesse Jones as they discuss such topics as Dizzy Gillespie, the Ramnit worm, Armed Forces Day, boxing servants, Schoolhouse Rock, the Night of the Big Wind, nine Haiku about New Year’s Mom Murder, three kinds of H1N1s, erotic poems about mouse traps, arts & crafts, and the 2nd Amendment, and wedding vows to the guy at the coffee shop who takes all the wall plugs, the 1%, and Jesse Jones when he’s in a bad mood.

Hey, if you know of a better, less juicy and delicious way to hurl ham at people, you let us know, but until then, know that if you wipe your hand after shaking mine, Imma fling a pantload atcha. Fer real.

STAB! 067 - Pocket Hocks

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