Feb 22

STAB! 068 – This Here Used To Be A Bank

Things dun changed a lot, y’know. They always seem to. Guess that’s just the way a things, huh? One day it’s somethin’ the next it ain’t no mo, ‘cause now it’s somethin’ else. Yup. That’s how it sure goes.

In this here thought provokin’ episode of STAB! John Ross talks to folk named Erik Krasner, Jen Dronsky and Jesse Jones about things like one particularly numerical February afternoon, Buddy Holly, Charleston Dance marathons, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Icelandic Bun Day, Tom Waits and Frito Lay, a trio of UBERs, nine Charlie Sheen HIV Cure haiku, tourism guides for The Island of Dad, Tinderopolis, and Alternative-Rock-atopa, and erotic poems about putting on pants, rollerblades, and Monopoly.

So that’s how that goes this time, which is good. You know, until they knock the whole thing down and replace it with a different comedy panel podcast. I like the old ways still myself though.

STAB! 068 - This Here Used To Be A Bank

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