Feb 29

STAB! 069 – Chill Dudes Chillin’

Hey, what’s goin’ on? Yeah, us neither. Just some chill ass dudes, doin’ what chill dudes do. Which is chillin’. Chillin’ like a comic book antagonist. Just like that, times four.

Chill host John Ross welcomes equally chill dudes Hayden Greif-Neill, Dash Kwiatkowsky and Jesse Jones as they talk about such chill topics as US Postage rates, the murdering Papin sisters, G.I. Joe, gold rush Chinese labor, the Polygraph machine, planetary alignment, fifteen Google searches from Super Bowl 50, three different CDCs, the dating profiles of Hayden’s Dad, civil rights, and the Hamburger Helper Hand, and erotic poems about the McDonald’s Playland, Destiny’s Child, and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

So there you go, just a bunch of guys in the basement of a video store, just chattin’ it up, yukkin’ it up. Chill style. Chilly, chill chill chill. Like a pickle that’s dill, this group of dudes are hella chill.

STAB! 069 - Chill Dudes Chillin’

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