Mar 22

STAB! 072 – Perineum-Yum-Yum

Yeah girl, you like that? You’re not sure? Yeah, I get that, but when I’m done you’re gonna have a little bit more of an idea of where you stand on the subject, or at least an educated guess.

Give yourself an ear taste of some new STAB! as John Ross leads Alfonso Portela, Johnny Taylor and Jesse Jones in tangy conversation on such subjects as Giordano Bruno, Michael Bay, the Gregorian Calendar, Larry the Cable Guy, Mardi Gras stampede, Huey P. Newton, three different VDs, nine varied Pope John Paul “affair” haiku, the tourism guides for Lickataintia, Sickburnylvania & Garagebandadelphia and synopses for made-up movies The Charleston Jews, Blame it on the Pain (The Milli Vanilli Story) & The Clever Rodeo Roll Model.

Oh yeah girl, this is a little awkward for sure, and maybe a waste of time, but you never know ‘till you try. That’s just how life is sometimes, now bring that naughty bridge on over here for a tongue lashing!

STAB! 072 - Perineum-Yum-Yum

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