Apr 18

STAB! 076 – The Los Angeles Scripted Comedy Festival

The 4th Annual Los Angeles Scripted Comedy Festival, hosted by iO West, welcomed STAB! to their festivities. And we festivized, oh boy did we!

In this festive episode of STAB!, host John Ross brought STAB! regulars (STABulars?) Alfonso Portela, Tyler Kinney and Jesse Jones to share with the desert town of Los Angeles some of their best, including invites to their ill thought out businesses: a Mexican restaurant for Republicans, a speech therapist in a town of tongueless people & a martial arts dojo in a town entirely populated by ninjas, the tourism guides for East Suicide City, The Republic of Chinese Food & the City of Angles, and the STAB! Grab Bag featuring the dating profile of the Virgin Mary, vows to Vlad the Impaler & the synopsis of the movie El Diablo Tiene un Palo Polla.

STAB! Available for festivals, graduations, corporate functions, birthday parties and multi-million dollar television contracts. Call a powerful friend and tell them, “STAB! me!” Hopefully they’ll know what you meant.

STAB! 076 - The Los Angeles Scripted Comedy Festival

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