May 10

STAB! 079 – Chum Dog

You know what would really get this party started? Sacrificing one of the weaker of us to a couple of the stronger to be torn to shreds and really get the blood pumping. I know that’d launch my rocket for sure.

So listen as STAB! host John Ross tosses lame pup after sad pooch at Tyler Kinney, Robert Berry and Jesse Jones, angrying up their blood to talk about such subjects as Madonna, trial by battle, Emile Christian, the League of Nations, Adolph Hitler, Eric Pickles, three different SHARTs, nine haiku about all you can eat fries, synopses for made-up movies: How to Train Your Grandma, The Bare Knuckle Billy Goat Boyz, & The Pancetta Projects, and pitches for terrible businesses like a Yoga Studio in a town of completely relaxed human beings, a gag shop in the lobby of the British Parliament, & a prostitute in a town completely occupied by their mom.

Is it sad? Maybe, if you identify with weak things rather than siding with the strong among us. Or, you know, if you have even a shred of decency. But if you did, you wouldn’t be here, now would you?

STAB! 079 - Chum Dog

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