May 17

STAB! 080 – Slap Laps Alps Pals

Ever wanna go to the Alps? Sure you have. Got Pals? I hope you do. ‘Cause there’s some pals that you can go to the alps with that’ll let you slap laps with, and really, those’re the best pals of all.

Lap slapper John Ross welcomes alp pals Luke Soin, Andrew Absher and Jesse Jones to share their thoughts on the first mobile home, Danica Patrick, Bishop Gunther, the Red Baron, the Rump Parliament, “Ravishing” Rick Rude, three different SLAPs, nine Trump 7/11 tribute haiku, vows to a-holes “the last ten minutes at work”, “the guy who gets offended when you fart but thinks it’s funny when he farts” & minimum wage, and tourism guides for the towns of Backrub-a-gon-ya, Justcan’t-opolis & Missing-children-ton.

Well I’m all spent, you know, from all the slapping of all those laps with my pals. Also, being in the alps, the air is a little thinner, which just makes lap slapping that much more tiring. Bye then!

STAB! 080 - Slap Laps Alps Pals

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