Jun 27

STAB! 083 – The Sacramento Stand-Up Competition

STAB! Was invited to the 4th Annual Sacramento Stand-Up Competition held at our birth-club, the Sacramento Comedy Spot. And how could we possibly refuse? We couldn’t is how, so we didn’t. We did the show!

And boy did we do it. John Ross brought in the big guns, Tyler Kinney, Alfonso Portela and the regular gun Jesse Jones to share with the competition audience their thoughts on National Catfish Day, barbwire, the Smurfs creator, Rudolf II, Dikembe Mutombo, the fork, three different takes on B.A.D. The dating profiles of: the first day of Summer, a BernieBro, and Brexit. Nine Tony Robbins foot burn victim Haiku, and erotic poems about, a California Stop, crunchy peanut butter, and virginity.

We weren’t actually part of the competition proper, but we like to think we won that night, and our prize was the love of an adoring public who had no idea what they were going to be hearing. Our favorite prize!

STAB! 083 - The Sacramento Stand-Up Competition

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