Apr 17

STAB! 101 – Spin Doctors Erotic Fan Fiction

He stepped into the throne room only to find a sight beyond his wildest dreams. Not one, but TWO Princes, ready and waiting, their robes fallen around their feet, their crowns, strategically hung.

STAB! Returns for the one hundred and first time, guided by hosty host John Ross as he pelts guests Tyler Kinney, Joey Stults and Jesse Jones with questions about what Richard Simmons is up to, the Flying Wallendas, the outlaw of gambling in the Massachusetts, cable car expulsions, Pam Smart, FDR’s beer legalization, laser patents, a trio of trios of pick-up lines to Tomi Lahren’s aborted baby, Russia, and the Oroville Dam, the Top Five Google searches from artists on their 90s mix tapes, the synopses of made-up movies “Kale Babies”, “The Secret Life of Pee”, & “Bejewled”, and tourism guides for Doo-wop-abama, All-alone-ian, and Hollandaise-ia.

So can Little Miss truly not be wrong when she’s neck deep in Spin Doctors? Read and find out for yourself. And, you know, listen to this episode too…

STAB! 101 - Spin Doctors Erotic Fan Fiction

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