May 01

STAB! 102 – Window Duck

We are a country of many diverse peoples from places dotting the entirety of the globe. So it’s only natural to find confusing some things that to others are customary. It’s cool, it’s still weird though…

And so in an attempt to better understand the world around us, John Ross, the host of this community outreach show called STAB!, queries guests Johnny Taylor, Stephen Ferris and Jesse Jones about new ways to get food to old peoples, Canadian lawyer Dick Pound, Tara Lipinsky, the Jamestown massacre, rapper Phife Dog, Niagara Falls, World Water Day, three new P90Xs, nine poison Chinatown tea haiku, the explanations of soul music to a ginger KKK, websites to an Amish toddler, & Bronies to a seven year old My Little Pony fan, and erotic poems about an ice cream parlor, compression socks and an electric fly swatter.

And so, may storefront hung, golden browned waterfowl not be seen as “crazy” or “gross”, but as another threat in the great, lunatic tapestry that IS, this fine country of ours. USA! USA! USA!

STAB! 102 - Window Duck

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