Sep 05

STAB! 104 – The Mouse Shall Not Be Questioned

The Mouse has deemed that it is once again time for STAB! and so therefore it is once again time for STAB! The STAB! program shall begin and it shall be enjoyed. Do not question the Mouse.

On this Mouse approved episode of STAB!, host John Ross speaks with Zach Coles, Nick Magavern and Jesse Jones on such Mouse approved subjects as, Saddam Hussein’s sons Uday and Qusay, Jimi Hendrix, the Preparedness Day Bombing, Jeffrey Dahmer, Pi Appreciation Day, sheep electrocution, three takes on OTTO, nine haiku about the texts of a pre-Black Bear mauled Alaskan teen, the tourism guides for Burn-dis-bish-downington, Parole-ville & Mediocri-city, and the top five pick up lines of an Overworked Blender, a Belly Button, and Captain Crunch.

To question the Mouse is to question goodness and wholesomeness and fun and joy itself. Why would one choose to do so knowing that the punishment awaiting them is so unspeakable. Obey the Mouse and be rewarded. Question the Mouse and be destroyed. The Mouse hall not be questioned.

STAB! 104 - The Mouse Shall Not Be Questioned

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