Nov 06

STAB! 105 – Hanna Barbaric

Remember your youth? The hell you do! What you have conveniently put out of your mind is the underlying cruelty and pain in your primary colored memories! We have not and we will spill the ink across your fragile, eggshell psyche!

Leading this group therapy session, STAB! Host John Ross asks the quivering, emotionally distraught Ben Rice, Coreen Lemcke and Jesse Jones about such topics as the Audiophone, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Marley, The Jetsons, roses, time capsules, three different PSLs, a trio of pickup lines directed to Cinnamon Toast Crunch, an extensive DVD collection, and a neglected paperweight, synopses for made-up movies “Grill and Face”, “The Boom Boom Bandit”, and “The String Cheese Theory”, and Dating Profiles for a Domesticated Parrot, the Last Day of Summer, and a Foot Infection.

Dig deep, peel back the layers of your rosy yesterdays and you will find the dry rot of slavery and barbarism eating at the very foundations of your formative years! You’re welcome!

STAB! 105 - Hanna Barbaric

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