Nov 20

STAB! 107 – Try Not To Tense Up

Here’s the new STAB! episode. Try to just breathe and relax. You’re going to enjoy it a lot more than you expected you would and you’ll wonder why you were so uptight about it in the first place.

In this episode of STAB!, John Ross tops and or bottoms discussions with Jason B, Jaclyn Weiand and Jesse Jones about Beardsley​ ​Rumi, bare National Geographic breasts, Bank Transfer Day, a Nile River trolley crash, Martin Dies Jr., Amazon.com, three MAGAs, fifteen Twin Towers Google searches, synopses of made-up movies: “The Big Bad Bashful Turtle”, “Go Get Milk!”, & “The Jell-o Mold”, and wedding vows to the likes of the Las Vegas shooter, that bird that poops on people’s shirts, and that bitch Nadine!

See, that wasn’t so bad, now was it? Kinda feels a little naughty and exciting. Well, see you again on your birthday, and maybe some other times if you’re good… We’ll see.

STAB! 107 - Try Not To Tense Up

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