Dec 04

STAB! 110 – The Cream of the Crop

Oh yeah! It’s TIME for another episode of STAB! Yeah it is. Because a show like STAB! can’t be stopped, not by Tito Santana, not by Ricky Steamboat, not by Hulk Hogan. No, no it can’TA. ‘LIZABETH! Yeah!

On this top rope episode of STAB! Intercontinental host John Ross raps with Joe-Joe Louis, Nick Brunner and Jesse Jones about the electric hearing aid, Randy Savage, the Free City of Danzig, unscheduled TV, Judge Wapner, National Bundt Day, three different RSVPs, nine Roy Moore haiku, angry poems about Louis CK, ladies’ hoop earrings, and a squeaky dog toy, and the synopses of made-up movies “Looms, Looms, Looms!”, “Shit Yeah!”, and “The Life and Times of Corey Feldman”.

The podcast called STAB! Yeah, comin’ right at ya right through the Audioscope! Yeah it is! Dig it! YEAH! No more questions!

STAB! 110 - The Cream of the Crop

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