Jan 22

STAB! 116 – Year Two of Year One

Everything you understood about lineal existence can eat one… TWO TIMES! You didn’t like the last year? Well turns out, that was only the first half! So buckle up buttercup!

STAB! host man John Ross asks guests Ray Molina, Jason B and Jesse Jones to thumb screams mind thoughts about twelve New Year’s resolutions from the year 2017, a Confederate Statue, and the National Anthem, three new takes on FAT, and their additional thoughts on Yerba Buena, Alois Hitler, free Kindergarten,the United Fruit Company’s banana workers revolt, Disneyland deaths, and Cuba, erotic poems about things that are gluten free, how a bill becomes a law, and tortillas, and how to sell on craigslist your own eight year old self, a fish’s personal belongings, & Nadine!

It’s two, two, two times the worst part of your life! You thought it was bad already? You were HALF RIGHT!

STAB! 116 - Year Two of Year One

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