Feb 05

STAB! 118 – Ridiculously 1996 Style Racist

It was a different time. UPN was a television network, some of us were just graduating high school, while others of us probably weren’t even born yet, which makes that first group feel REAL old. 1996. Man, it was a different time.

On this VERY tolerant episode of STAB! host John Ross talks to guests Bill Wallis, Johnny Casino and Jesse Jones about three different DEVAST8s, fifteen Google searches from Chris Brown’s confiscated monkey, their thoughts on capital punishment, Steve Harvey, Thomas Crapper’s invention, VCRs, the Great Brink’s Robbery, Vidal Sassoon, wedding vows to a Sizzler sneeze guard sneezer, a public speaker phone talker, and a screaming child and its negligent mother, and the synopses of made-up movies “Homeless Bound”, “Vast and the Curious 7”, and “Digi Pet Cemetery”.

The past is a crazy place. You can say that maybe the residents of the past should have known better, but it’s hard to see it while you’re in the midst of it. In hindsight though, sure, some things seems pretty, painfully clear.

STAB! 118 - Ridiculously 1996 Style Racist

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