Mar 05

STAB! 122 – Riggity-Rap-Rock-Opera-opolis

There’s a funky place that you all should know, when your family needs a trip and they want to go, to someplace new they never been befo’, so just hit the road and you’ll be there before you know!

Guiding you through this hip new land of STAB!, host John Ross brings guests Alfonso Portela, Trip Hazard, Josh Vigil and Jesse Jones to discuss their four new interpretations of FUCKUNRA, twelve haiku about a euthanasia drugged pet food recall, and thoughts on Alka Seltzer, Jennifer Love Hewitt, the Communist Manifesto, Nina Simone, Thomas the first Bishop of Finland, the last Carolina parakeet, Dick Button, the first sewing machine patent, the tourism guides for Riggity-Rap-Rock-Opera-olis, AR-15ington, Damn-you-nasty-ton, Mussent-touch-itopia, and the dating profiles of the number 5, a High Five, five kittens, and a five day old baby.

So don’t wait, don’t stall, do not delay, book your trip buy your tickets and plan your stay, whether a week and a half or just the day, we got a place you’ll fall in love with right away! … It’s STAB!, incase that wasn’t clear…

STAB! 122 - Riggity-Rap-Rock-Opera-opolis

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