Mar 26

STAB! 125 – Any Hooters

We like to do shows, it’s a fun thing. We write things then we say them and we record it so you can hear it later and it’s lots of fun… ANY hooters, you’re here, so, you probably know that, so why not listen then?

In this episode of STAB! the wholly lifelike John Ross hosts the hell out of guests Ben Feldman, Nick Brunner and Jesse Jones as they share their three BARFs, nine haiku about brother sister video game gun violence, and their thoughts on the Moondog Coronation Ball, Alcatraz, Chuck Barris, Twitter, Forrest Mars Sr., the West Bank Fainting Epidemic, their business pitches for a disappearing ink pen salesman in a town with no sense of humor, a Soul Train dance class at Fox News headquarters, and a cannibalism evangelist at a children’s expo, & the synopsees of made-up movies “Womb Raider”, “Family Home Evening”, and “Have You Seen My Pet?”.

That sounds like fun right? I mean, lots of funny people saying lots of funny things. It’s like a bunch of friends just hanging out and having a good time while paying another friend for nachos… ANY hooters…

STAB! 125 - Any Hooters

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