Jul 02

STAB! 131 – You Got Poop on Your Skin

I’m sorry, this is awkward but, I mean, I’d want someone to tell me if it WERE me in the situation that you’re in, which you are, and I’m glad I’m not. So… It’s just… You know what, never mind. Never mind I said anything.

In this episode of STAB! that’s sorry it even brought it up, host John Morris Ross IV asks Bill Wallis, Alfonso Portela, Benton Harshaw and Jesse Jones to share twenty Google searches from Emma the Sex Robot, twelve haiku about Roseanne’s racism, and their various random thoughts about Kentucky, Morgan Freeman, King Alfonso X, the Fukuoka coal mine explosion, World Milk Day, Paula Hitler, Lucy & Desi and Tom & Roseanne’s second weddings, erotic poems about vaping, Neapolitan ice cream, Paul Mitchell hair supplies, and Capitalism, & the Tourism guides for Toast-ton, Stop-being-a-dick-about-it-opolis, New Spankington, and Otter Space.

So, you know, that’s all. That’s all STAB! had to say. There wasn’t, you know, anything else. About feces, where you probably wouldn’t want it… Seriously, you can’t smell that?!

STAB! 131 - You Got Poop on Your Skin

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