Jul 03

STAB! 132 – Succulents in the Desert

Is it a folk album from that artist that you were sure was dead but has actually been pumping out albums regularly and largely unnoticed for decades until they teamed up with a popular contemporary artist to bring their sound to a whole new generation? Maybe…

In this episode of STAB!, host John Morris Ross IV asks guests Jason B, Rhoda Ramone, Ben Rice and Jesse Jones to serve up twelve haiku about a puppy eating turtle, twenty Google searches of Democracy, and their feelings about Kanye West, the American Heart Association, World Brain Tumor Day, HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, Orwell’s “1984”, gay marriage in New South Wales, Susan Lucci, Cochise, the synopsees of made-up movies: “Who’s feeding Gilbert Grapes?” “Darfur Parkour”, “Fight Rub” & “Children of the Korn”, and wedding vows to the watery liquid that squirts of those plastic mustard bottles, a loose bike chain, a public park tightroper, and a neglectful dog owner.

Maybe a documentary about how the indomitable spirit of some young third world dreamer couldn’t be domitabled by the circumstances of its life, upbringing and station? Maybe that too. It’s all those things and whatever “Succulents in the Desert” brings to mind. Enjoy the thought experiment.

STAB! 132 - Succulents in the Desert

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