Aug 01

STAB! 135 – The Emma Haney Roast

We only roast the ones we love. This episode of STAB! is proof positive of just how much we love and cherish Emma Haney. All of the terrible things said here in this show were said in the goodest of fun.

In this celebration of all things Emma Haney, host John Morris Ross IV welcomes guests (Emma Haney), Daniel Humbarger, Scott Powers and Jesse Jones to share their nine Google searches of the new Space Force, three takes on MEH, and their other various thoughts on International Widows Day, Chubby Checker, Chuck Berry, John Jacob Astor, Jason Mraz, Ernie Shore, Gunner Uusi, Confederate merchandise, Alice Cooper, the tourism guides for Dam-Nation, The Island of Office-Job-a-topia, & Porn-addiction-ton, and the dating profiles of an MMA fighter who’s been at it too long, a Pineapple Pizza, & the Pineapple Pen Guy.

Emma Haney is so this and that, that when she somethings, it goes the opposite of how you’d expect! Those types of barbs and so many more await you in this: the Roast of Emma Haney. Enjoy?

STAB! 135 - The Emma Haney Roast

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