Aug 07

STAB! 136 – Brevity

This is the STAB! Show. You’re about to listen to it.

John Morris Ross IV is the host. Michael Cella, Brett Stultz, Kyle Littleton and Jesse Jones were on it. They talked about four different CO2s, twelve dead chihuahua hoarder haiku, Thomas Addison, the iPhone, Canadian railway disasters, Squizzy Taylor, Don Dokken, the Mir Space Station, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Skanderbeg, tourism guides for Great Again America, Abracadabra-opolis, So-better-than-you-ing-ton & Funk Harbour, and slam poems about Italians, trivia, funerals & great fear.

That’s what this show has in it. You are about to listen to it. Listen now.

STAB! 136 - Brevity

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