Aug 20

STAB! 137 – We Can Watch R Rated Movies Now

We’ve grown today. We’ve seen something that’s going to stick with us. That’s going to change us. Something that just ice cream isn’t big enough for. Boobies and swearing are what this life event demands.

Being our guardian into the theater of life that IS STAB!, host John Morris Ross IV welcomes guests Alfonso Portela, Mikhail Chernyavsky, Cory Barringer and Jesse Jones to share with everyone twelve Google searches from Joey Chestnut bottom spout, another dozen haiku about ISIS divorcees, their tender thoughts about Jan Hus, 50 Cent, “Jetson’s the Movie”, the rabies vaccine, National Fried Chicken Day, the AK-47, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, the world’s largest hailstone, the synopsis of made-up movies “Don’t you be my neighbor”, “Mission Totally Possible”, “Can’t Man and the W.A.S.P.” & “Sulu” and pitches for businesses that sell various dips in a dimension where chips don’t exist, drug paraphernalia in a town entirely populated by cops, a CD store that only sells Nu Metal in a town completely populated by hipsters & a rotary phone salesman in a town of fingerless, noseless, toeless and penisless people.

So yeah, let’s all enjoy this right of passage. This great shift in our understanding of the world. We’ll never be the same. Death does that. So do nipples.

STAB! 137 - We Can Watch R Rated Movies Now

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