Sep 24

STAB! 140 – Tinder

Hey gurl, is it gettin’ hot out here, or is it just dozens of me? I’m burnin’ up the dance floor, and the dance ceiling, and all of the neighboring businesses and homes for miles around. Yeah, I know you like that.

Oh this fire episode of STAB!, host John Morris Ross IV welcomes guests Joe-Joe Louis, Katy Karns, Christiana Dominguez and Jesse Jones to talk about things, many varied things, like four different DDs, twelve Google searches from the California fires, and their thoughts about varied things, like the American Dental Association, the Statue of Liberty, 9/11, the US Credit Rating, Gizz Butt, Alan Sherman, Santa Clause Land, Firestone Tires, a 20 million year old Ugandan skull, the synopsees of made-up movies, “Crazy Bitch Caucasians”, “The Spy Who Dumped on Me”, “Big Mama Mia’s House”, & “Winning the Poo”, and the craigslist listings of the one thing that brings each panelist the most joy.

So go ahead, swipe all you want, this episode ain’t about to stop ‘till we’re all wet and smelly. Me, and you, and all your neighbors. That’s the kind of thing you’re getting into when you put STAB! In your earphones.

STAB! 140 - Tinder

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