Oct 08

STAB! 143 – The Liquorice Boys

That’s right, the improv sensation “The Liquorice Boys” all together for an episode of STAB! What’s that? You’ve never heard of The Liquorice Boys? That’s fair.

In this liquorice scented episode of STAB!, host John Morris Ross IV welcomes the three Liquorice Boys: Chris Emery, Jack Brown and Jesse Jones, to tell their three different liquorice takes on CLEAR, nine Google searches of Hurricane Florence, and their liquorice thoughts on Patrick Swayze, the Russian Republic, William McKinley, Frostee Rucker, Joe Kittinger, the draft lottery, wedding vows to a racist grandparent, a Comic Con know-it-all, and the guy who smashed John’s car windows, and erotic poems about insurance policies, crayons, and the kitchen sink.

Oh, those Liquorice Boys, giving you exactly what you’d expect from those three rapscallions. What’s that? You don’t know what you’d expect because you’ve never heard of The Liquorice Boys? That’s fair.

STAB! 143 - The Liquorice Boys

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