Oct 12

STAB! 144 – Middle Earth, Wind and Fire

Do you remember, the 21st night of September?
Frodo was returning the ring to its sender,
while chasing bad Smeagol away.

In this mashed up episode of STAB! host John Ross welcomes to the funky, funky shire, Stephen Ferris, Christy Farley, Court Hansen and Jesse Jones to share their four different takes on HUSKY, twelve haiku about octopi on ecstasy, and thoughts on the Hanoverian and Jacobite armies, Mexican Professional Wrestling, Dave Coulier, Earth, Wind & Fire, The Hobbit, Galileo, Jupiter, Brazilian Arbor Day, the synopsis of made-up movies: “Swallow Yellow Potato”, “Silky Utter Stream”, “The Last Merciful Lick”, and “The Exotic Rebel Spider Ghost”, and erotic poems about Spanish, gangs, time travel, and the 1989 Cincinnati Bengals.

You’re a shining ring,
You’re a precious thing,
Your shine it fills the room,
Takin’ you to Mount Doom.

STAB! 144 - Middle Earth, Wind and Fire

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