Nov 05

STAB! 146 – Drink My Dog

Hey gurl, you wanna sip my snake? Oh, hey, lookitchu GURL, you wanna chug my cat? Yeah, you like that? Yeah you go. You wanna gulp my goldfish!

In this… weirdly creepy sounding episode of STAB!, host John Morris Ross IV welcomes pet pouring guests Bill Wallis, Ruby Setnik and Jesse Jones to share three different HANDS, nine FBI Google Searches, their thoughts about Bill Willis, cyanide tainted Tylenol, Justin II, Truman’s first Oval Office Address, the Warner Brothers Studio riot, Steve Jobs, the tourism guides for cities Illuminati-ington, Nondescript-atopia & Fingering-ton, and wedding vows to the facebook police, that toilet that doesn’t flush well enough the first time, & an ingrown hair.

So go on gurl, something that means drink in relation to a common household pet with the same starting letter. YEAH, you know, like how you like it!

STAB! 146 - Drink My Dog

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