Nov 28

STAB! 147 – Tales From the Iron Lung

Strap into the sadness seat and get real uncomfortable ‘cause we’ve got a little story to tell about organs you take for granted not workin’ worth a damn, and triumphing over that circumstance.

Cringe together with STAB! host John Morris Ross IV as his unhealthy guests Rhoda Ramone, Danielle Mandella and Jesse Jones share with the group their three different HIYAs, nine holy water defiling haiku, their thoughts on the first raincoat in Scotland, Jon-Erik Hexum, insane asylums, the first iron lung, Oktoberfest, live TV Japanese stabbing assassinations, the synopsis of made-up movies “Tired Bread 2”, “The Alcoholic Clam Vest”, & “The Sassy Punishment Goat”, and erotic poems about a choo-choo train, parking tickets, & the middle class.

So don’t feel bad that you feel really bad that you haven’t had to overcome as much adversity as the next guy. Just listen to STAB! and forget how good you’ve got it for about forty minutes at a time.

STAB! 147 - Tales From the Iron Lung

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