Dec 05

STAB! 148 – It’s Normal and Cool

Welcome. Thank you for listening to STAB! Just a normal podcast, where people write terrible things, the kind of thoughts they kind of question themselves for having, then they read them to strangers. It’s normal and cool.

On this very normal episode of STAB!, host John Morris Ross IV welcomes very cool guests Nick Brunner, Jaime Fernandez, Nick Magavern and Jesse Jones to share their four cool ODs, twelve partner replicant sex doll rental service haiku, and their normal thoughts on Saddam Hussein, Danka Bartekova, John Lithgow, John Delorean, the Comte de Rochambeau, trombonist Ryan Dallas Cook, Mother Teresa Day, the Golden Gate Bridge, the dating profiles of fire, ice, a baseball fan, and the devil, & the synopsis for made-up movies “The Plastic Cave Farmer”, “Holistic Beggar”, “Polite Race History”, and “Wine Snakes”.

So, there it is, just the normal kind of things that cool people do, that aren’t not normal or uncool in any way. So it’d be real nice if you’d stop looking at STAB! like that and, you know, good night then chief.

STAB! 148 - It’s Normal and Cool

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