Dec 17

STAB! 151 – Squad Patrol

They’re a Squad, and they Patrol the world of Sacramento sketch comedy, keeping the city safe from the most ridiculous of things with the raw power and brute strength of funny!

In this special episode of STAB!, Host John Morris Ross IV invites three Patrollers John Kinkade, Marco Cabodi, Coreen Lemcke and STAB!bie Jesse Jones to share with the people their four different THONGs, twelve belly button removal haiku, and their specific thoughts about Inventors Day in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the first Football match, Cambodian Independence from France, Garry Kasparov, Day of the Skulls, Donald Trump, World Freedom Day in the USA, a Mayanmar train crash, the synopsis of made-up movies, “Scintillating Crib”, “The Magnificent Mint Bear”, “Inconclusive Rose”, and “Rapid Cabbage Dad”, and marriage vows to fascism, a jump scare, bubblegum that loses its flavor too fast, and marriage itself.

SQUAD PATROL! Their beat is comedy, and their weapons are sketch. Respect the Squad, mind their Patrol. Be safe, FUNNY safe!

(Please, mind the couple abrupt skips of technical difficultisms early on, specifically taking a nibble out of Josh’s Reorganization. It’s mostly there, but the unfortunate drop in the beginning is annoying and warranted addressing and apology. Trust us, we hate it even more than you do.)

STAB! 151 - Squad Patrol

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