Jan 15

STAB! 156 – Year End Blowout

John and Jesse invite all of the best and most available STAB!bers of 2018 to help send the year off, and trade their least wanted Christmas presents with each other in this year end STAB!stravaganza!

So to send off 2018 in the style it deserves, host John Morris Ross IV welcomes Jaclyn Weiand, Ben Rice, Danielle Mandella, Jason B, Court Hansen, Joe-Joe Louis, Ray Molina, Nick Magavern, Luke Soin, Rhoda Ramone, Stephen Ferris, Cory Barringer and Jesse Jones for a jam packed edition, including three MMXVIIIs, twelve Paul Flart haiku, wedding vows to the Opiate Crisis, a person who gets mad that you don’t get their references, someone who won’t let you out of a conversation, and the lady you already divorced once, the tourism guides of Mental-Breakdown-ington, Road-Rage-atopia, and Obscuresville, and erotic poems about the Spanish Language, Bing Crosby, and chewing tobacco.

So, unwrap one more gift that was sent pretty much on time, but kinda got lost in transit, sent back, re-wrapped and re-sent and just now showed up on your doorstep, banged up and maybe opened and rifled through, but as far as you know it’s all here. STAB!’s goodbye to 2018!

STAB! 156 - Year End Blowout

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