Jan 21

STAB! 157 – Puff Sauce

You like to puff? You like to pour stuff on other things to make it taste different? What you need is Puff Sauce. Probably. So go on, get yer Puff Sauce, spill it on somethin’ ‘n eat it up yum!

Tonight on this episode of STAB! sponsored by the sauce you love to puff, John Morris Ross IV welcomes saucy guests Christy Farley, Jack Brown, Ruby Setnik and Jesse Jones to share four different FISHSTEWs, twelve fentanyl haiku, their thoughts on the Sweet Dew Incident, John Harvey Kellogg, Mary Queen of Scots, Martyred Intellectuals Day, Wilma Mankiller, Monkey Day, Sandy Hook, shoe throwing, erotic poems about Michael Buble, fishing, the criminal justice system, gingivitis, and tourism guides to towns, Smalltalkton, Proveit-a-topia, Dont-blame-me-topia, and the Sup-dudes Islands.

Puff Sauce! It wants to be in you! Don’t not have Puff Sauce all up in them guts! Puff Sauce! Pour it on your teeth and suck it up your throat! PUFF SAUCE!

STAB! 157 - Puff Sauce

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