Jan 28

STAB! 158 – Alston Lives!

Rejoice and fear no longer: the voice lives! They were cold, frightening nights, lying away, unsure of the the fate of the man with the golden pipes, but we may sleep well tonight.

In this joyous episode of STAB!, host John Morris Ross IV invites guests Benton Harshaw, Stephen Ferris, Cory Barringer and Jesse Jones to share with the revelers their four different BULLSH*Ts, twenty Google searches from Mrs. Claus, and their various thoughts on heart transplants, Phil Donahue, Jack Russell, Diana Ross and the Supremes, Junior High School, H5N1, Crossword Puzzle Day, John Wayne Gacy Jr., the dating profiles of a candy cane, Blitzen, a dreidel, & the Grandma who got run over by a reindeer, and the synopsis of made-up movies, “The Tinsel Fruit Spy”, “Nippy Prison”, “Harmonious Smite”, & “The Righteous Chubby Pump”.

So go on, do something special for yourself, knowing with all confidence that the reason for the season is alive and well. Do as Alston would approve and bask in his glory!

STAB! 158 - Alston Lives!

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