Feb 20

STAB! 161 – Lights Out By Nyquil

Nighty night. I drinky thick green yuck goo. It make go sleep tight. Me not awake soon because yawn drink! Okaysies!

But before John Morris Ross IV can tuck us in on this episode of STAB!, guests Jaime Fernandez, Bill Wallis and Jesse Jones have to share their three takes on ONEONEONE, nine Girl’s Hair Flavor chicken Haiku, National Step In A Puddle And Splash Your Friends Day, insulin, the first Lottery, Bangladesh, Amelia Earhart, Big Bank Hank, wedding vows to the person who doesn’t turn right when the light is red, the person who likes their own social media posts, and a slave trader, and erotic poems about the 1040EZ Tax Form, a 1000 piece puzzle, and a four cheese quesadilla.

Now, eyes go heavy, stretch stretchy yawn. I go to the place now where I ride robot gorilla into battle against the cloud pirates! Die cloud pirates! Roar!

STAB! 161 - Lights Out By Nyquil

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