Feb 22

STAB! 163 – Things

They’re everywhere! Look, over there, those are things. You can’t open your eyes without seeing them or swing one thing without hitting another one!

In this very focused episode of STAB!, Jesse Jones pulls guest hosting duty for guests Nick Magavern, Ray Molina and Jack Brown as they share their three different takes on HOST, nine Marie Kondo haiku, business pitches for a Pokemon card salesman in a town populated by bullies, a Bed & Breakfast in Hell, and a gourmet cupcake shop in Gluttonfreesburgh, their explanations of mirrors to the invisible, cuddling to a claustrophobic, & photosynthesis to bros, and their angry poems about things that smell good, shiny things, and things.

It’s just, I mean, I can’t — THINGS! Get ‘em away from me! Keep them at arm’s length! Arms? Those’re things too! Where does it stop? Oh, here? Good.

STAB! 163 - Things

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