Feb 28

STAB! 165 – Nice One, Head of Stupid Town

Look like you figure out how to make sound go into your head from speaker machine. Not like the time you try to taste the TV pictures. That was a dumb time for YOU, dumb face! NICE ONE, head of Stupid Town!

Temporary head of STAB! Show, Jesse Jones welcomes guest people Christy Farley, Bill Wallis and Chris Emery to share their three takes on NOHOST, three pick up lines from a honey bee, from a pocket watch and TO the Chinese space program, the tourism guides for cities Crispin-Gloverton, Grass-is-always-greenerville, & Tube-top-topia, their picks in fights between Sticks vs. Stones vs. Words, all of the ants in the world vs. all of the aunts in the world, & internet trolls vs. Troll dolls, and the dating profiles of a C student at Hogwarts, a laser disk, & THAT f’n guy.

So, good with the make listen of the program, you made it through, blue jeans intact. More than we expected from YOU, Mr. dumbbell head of STUPID TOWN! Nice one! Nice one a whole bunch, turkey club!

STAB! 165 - Nice One, Head of Stupid Town

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