Mar 15

STAB! 167 – The Ballad of Pam Hurn

You think you know Pan Hurn’s story? Do you?! News flash pal: ya don’t! But by the time you get through this episode of STAB!, you will. Oh yes, you will.

In this hard hitting, 6th Anniversary episode of STAB!, host John Morris Ross IV welcomes guests Jason Anderson, Christiana Dominguez, Ben Rice and Jesse Jones to share with inquisitive minds four different takes on YAMS, twelve dog vaccine haiku, and their thoughts on World Thinking Day, the Montenegro Embassy grenader, the first RNC convention, iTunes’ billionth song, Crime Victim’s Day, PAMELA HURN, Moose Murders, popcorn, the synopsis of made-up movies: “Tight Endangered Flap”, “Long, Breezy & Dead”, “Kitten, Lizards, Sew”, & “Obsequious Wine”, and the business pitches of selling gay cheese to straight people, used teddy bears to needy children, timeshares to time travelers, & snakeskin cowboy boots at a hip hop concert.

So go on, strap yourself in as tight as you think you need, but just know, it’s not gonna be tight enough JACK. This episode takes you places you never expected you’ll go, and just LEAVES you there.

STAB! 167 - The Ballad of Pam Hurn

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