Mar 26

STAB! 169 – Richard

I’m inviting you into my ears for the sole purpose of listening to you for 50 to 51 minutes and nothing further Richard. Despite the obvious attraction involved here, there can be nothing more than this listening Richard!

In this smoldering episode of STAB!, host John Morris Ross IV welcomes Coreen Lemcke, Greg Sabin, Melony Ford and Jesse Jones to share their four takes on GRAMMAR, twelve Taco Bell sauce survival haiku, and their various thoughts on International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day, the New York Stock Exchange, the Castlegate Mine Disaster, workplace smoking bans, Frazier/Ali I, Fela Kuti, the Sakai Incident, James Vanderbeek, erotic poems about recess, fortune tellers, candy bars, & evaporation, and the synopsis of made-up movies: “The Imperfect Uppity Icicle”, “Girls Mice Society”, “Gusty Hanging Surprise”, & “Flagrant Oval Impulse”.

We must endeavor to keep this interaction strictly a one way aural intercorse Richard. It has been a thrill of your life time I’m sure, but this is where we must not part Richard. Don’t embarrass yourself stalking me Richard!

STAB! 169 - Richard

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