Apr 10

STAB! 172 – Cross Over

The crew of Spec Script was in town to do a show at STAB! Comedy Theater, so we thought why not invite a little friendly cross over action, and get them to double dip on their Sacto trip with a little bit o’ that STAB! tip.

And as such, this episode of STAB! (hosted hostingly by John Morris Ross IV) welcomes Spec Scripters Chris Khatami, Lydia Manning, joining regular STAB!bers Christiana Dominguez & Jesse Jones to share their four different STABs, twelve malicious fart haiku, their thoughts on the Day of the Young Combatant, Ohio labor laws, Coca-cola, Lucy Lawless, the Baltimore Colts, Julius & Ethel Rosenberg, King Gustav III, & Wrestlemania III, erotic poems about table tennis, the military, forgiveness, & small things, and the synopsis of made-up movies: “Crib Crosses”, “Tangy Juvenile”, “Judge Mice Flower”, & “Lucky Stitch Neck”.

Cross overs, like when all of the shows set in Chicago all come together for some hot sweeps action, they’re good for the fans, they’re good for the shows, they’re good for the ear owning public, like you. Just like you, friend.

STAB! 172 - Cross Over

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