Jun 17

STAB! 176 – Spoiler Alert

Don’t. Don’t even– No! Nothing. Don’t say a f– NOTHING! I don’t care. Don’t talk. Not even about anything at all. Period. Just let me get there without– SHUT IT! SHUT IT NOW!

In this tight lipped episode of STAB!, host John Morris Ross IV welcomes guests Amy Estes, Daniel Humbarger, Grant Potter and Jesse Jones to share their four different takes on UGHACK, twelve Google Searches from the measles, and their thoughts on National Help a Horse Day, Ranger IV, Confederate Memorial Day in Florida, Race Car Driver Dick Johnson, National Dissertation Day, the 1989 Bangladesh Tornado, World Intellectual Property Day, Who’s The Boss, erotic poems about the Supreme Court, farmer tans, Harry Potter, & cowards, and the synopses of made-up movies, “Silky Man Ray”, “Look, Trucks!”, “Direct Defiant Soup”, & “Glue Jeans”.

So there, we made it, now just, can we all just, you know, make it a couple more hours so that we can all just enjoy the thing without… What did you say? Are you serious?! I’LL KILL YOU!!!

STAB! 176 - Spoiler Alert

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