Jul 17

STAB! 181 – Sacramento Podcast Festival

Podcasts! It’s what live in your ears and make your work day tolerable! Well this episode was recorded at a whole festival about them! So many good ear fillers, like this one your obvious favorite!

In this Sacramento Podcast Festival edition of STAB!, host John Morris Ross IV welcomes other festival guests Jessica Deprez (Radio FLoMM), Cody Parcell (Wasting All The Time), Erica Carrington (Neon Clubhouse) and Jesse Jones (… this show) to share their four different takes on SACRAMENTO, twelve haiku about an armed drug smuggler’s really bad day, their thoughts on National Speak in Sentences Day, tornadoes, White House High School Dances, carcinogenic cell phone radiation, elderly marriage, Dick Dale, National Salad Month, dam failure, business pitches for selling candy to babies who hate candy, a door to door stem cell salesman, selling cats in a town populated by cats, & selling guns to a town of gunshot victims, and wedding vows to the God of the Old Testement, the CPU Chess Player, The Man, & an abortion clinic bomber.

PODCASTS! It’s like Radio, but really specific in its focus and content! Except STAB!, which is kinda all over the place, which is maybe why we aren’t more popular, but, we won’t dwell on that here– PODCASTS!

STAB! 181 - Sacramento Podcast Festival

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